About Us

We solve the problem of urban pollution by spreading greenery through waste management method

Garden on Concrete is a start-up company based at MCIIE-TBI, IIT-BHU, Varanasi. Company is started with the philosophy “Join the culture of nature”. The company has a vision of making garden on the rapidly growing concrete jungle all around us by maximum utilisation of human waste to reduce the pollution involving all age group in the culture of nature so that they can have a healthy mind, body, surrounding and sustainable future. With our dedicated team, we try to:

  • Make a trend of gardening as a daily festival, gardening as worship,
  • Change a mindset that gardening could be done everywhere,
  • Train and make habitat of gardening to our next generation
  • Create employment in the field of garden solutions sector.
  • Make kitchen waste productive
  • Promote Garden Therapy for a healthy and happy life
  • Fill the market gap of gardening business by making the gardening products, services and information easily reachable to public.

Our Programs:

1. GOC All Green

We make your place alive by making:

    • Vertical garden
    • Hanging garden
    • Rooftop Garden
    •        Kitchen Garden
    •        Lawn and Farmhouse
    •        Medicinal Garden
    •        Hydroponic garden

We serve for maintaining your garden
You can call us for:

  • Regular maintenance
  • Weekly maintenance
  • One time maintenance
  • Any guidance or query related to gardening.

2. GreenShala

  • We are running gardener training course for job seekers and provide them job.
  • We conduct Green seminars, workshops and gardening classes at Education Institutions, apartments, societies etc.
  • We provide training to start gardening business with us.
  • We provide technical training for making gardening tools.


Garbage to greenery workshop with Sunbeam Students


Under the GreenShala program, training the youth.

3. GOC Express

Plant nursery on wheel

  • Our Vehicle roams around with gardening products.

Home delivery Service

  • We provide home delivery service.

4. GOC Factory

We make assets for your garden

  • Single and multiple steps plant hangers.
  • Vertical garden planters
  • Creative planters
  • Planters of waste materials
  • Self irrigation system
  • Hydroponics gardening system
  • Home Composting kit

5. Green Waste Management

  • We use the bio-degradable waste to convert it into compost and use it in plants as organic fertilizers.
  • We use the non bio-degradable waste which could not be recycled further and utilize it in gardening which includes the waste of Tetra packs and other such wastes.
  • We teach the easy ways to make compost using your household waste at the comfort of your own house.

6. Dil Se Hariyali

We celebrate your special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or any other memorable day  by planting tress for you to gift your loved ones at the location of your choice. We also take the responsibility of the maintenance of that plant for one year so that it could develop into a tree.


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