Gardening on your own concrete.maybe? ๐Ÿ˜

You might be wondering that what’s up with this bowl of almost dried up flowers…isn’t it? Well..The point is ,in general we all love doing our morning prayers by offering fresh flowers to gods and goddesses….or for the atheists out there (๐Ÿ˜…) even if not essentially for god,we at times love having fresh flowers around, just to make us feel better.So,in this busy life we might not always get time to buy flowers from the market and etc. but if we just put up a pot of lily or any other household plant in any corner of our house or in front of our small temple it will have very less chances to dry up (cause you just need to put little bit of water on it everyday) thereby reducing the chances of foul smelling dried up flowers in the house itself and also no need of buying flowers everyday.

Besides this ,we will also be contributing towards betterment of the world by doing our bit in the simplest way possible.

And as they say charity begins at home,so why not we start doing it from our home itself.

So,start gardening on your concrete before it’s too late.

A sample for your indoor flowering


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