As we find ourselves in between a mixture of digital and analog world, we are forgetting the environment around us which has always been a better source of living. People nowadays are giving much importance to their relationship status for living ahead in future together, but do they think once about the environment? The environment, which is the only way of their living. Love, Money, Attraction, being Beautiful or Handsome won’t bring peace. Love something that offers everything without even asking for, rather what we today “expect” and people finds it easier to play with our “expectations”. There are many things and we can, rather we should do to preserve and protect our mother earth. Reducing consumption of resources, reusing products and materials, and recycling what can no longer be reused are all critical to being more sustainable. However, the most important personal thing we can each do for the environment is to fall in LOVE: Local Organic Vegan Eating (Vegetarians don’t eat any animals, even vegans don’t consume any animal products, including eggs or dairy products.) 

Here are some LOVE tips for today’s generation:



By eating locally and seasonally, we can reduce our food miles, the amount of distance our food has to travel from farm to table, thereby cuts down on the amount of oil consumed and greenhouse gases emitted. Being a locavore cuts down on the amount of traffic, through which fuels and other natural resources are being saved. These are all benefits for the environment, which in turn is beneficial for planetary health and is also a benefit for our personal health. Eating locally means eating fresher and healthier, eating fruits and vegetables that are in season and grown in our region. Why fresher? Since, the balance of nutrients is heavily maintained on fresh products.

It is not only healthier or tastier, but also good for our region’s economy and ecology, supporting local farm families while preserving biodiversity and building community. The easiest and most fun way to eat more local is to shop at farmer’s markets, where seasonal production is high.



Organic agriculture means farming without the hazards and overthinking about pesticides. “When we buy organic, we help to promote biodiversity and cut down on the pesticides that pollute our soil, air and water. We also support natural systems that will ensure the integrity of our farmlands for future generations.” Another big bonus to eating organic is knowing that we are not consuming any genetically engineered products with their unknown potential personal, public an environmental consequences. 



It is increasingly clear that eliminating or at a least sharply reducing, the production and consumption of meat and other animal product is the single best thing people can do for human health, animal suffering, worker safety and environmental sustainability. 

Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize laureate along with Al Gore and head of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, states that the mass production of meat is a major factor contributing to global warming and that , “The Single[most effective] action that a person can take to reduce carbon emissions is vegetarianism.” We ignore or deny this critical yet simple information at our individual and collective peril.

I Abhishek Purkayastha, being a Bengali, sometimes need to listen from my parents, relatives and friends that I am a shame being Bengali. Why? Just because they think it is necessary to be a non-vegetarian as I belong to a Bengali family. I really then don’t waste my time making them understand why I love Vegetarian dishes more than those of Non-Vegetarian ones.

LOVE is the most powerful antidote, by far, against global warming! We also need LOVE for our INvironment, the environment inside of us. Vegetarians live six to ten years longer, on average, than those who eat meat.

If you are not ready to fall madly in LOVE, its ok to FLIRT with it. LOVE can also stand for Living Opposed to Violence against the Environment. More LOVE means more peace, inside each of us, within our families and around the world as well.

Abhishek Purkayastha says, “Start Progression, Perfection would follow you.”

Spread LOVE in a better way…

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